About SASMEE Park


These facilities are erected and maintained by the members of SASMEE, we are volunteers so please help us by looking after them.

Picnic tables and seating is provided but many patrons bring their own, there is limited shelter but plenty of shady trees.

In fairness to all, spaces cannot be reserved.

Find out how to host your party at SASMEE Park!

Our canteen serves a variety of drinks, snacks and frozen treats. Our hot chips are especially popular!

Male, female and accessible toilets are provided on the site.

Much of the grounds are wheelchair accessible.

We will make every endeavour to provide train rides for those with physical difficulties. Unfortunately our trains are only small and we may not be able to accommodate every demand.

  • COVID-19 Safety

    No government imposed covid restrictions are in place, but we still recommend you wear a mask in crowded areas and keep social distancing where possible.
    If you have Covid19 symptoms, please do not come to SASMEE

Visiting Operators

To operate trains you must show a card or license indicating appropriate operator training and for steam a relevant boiler certificate.

Our systems are at ground level with colour light signalling for block control at critical locations and for point indication.

7 ΒΌ” system
A single oval of 7 ΒΌ” & 5″ dual gauge track surrounds the SASMEE site and includes a passing loop, sidings, a station and a tunnel.

5″ system
A folded figure 8 of 3 Β½” & 5″ dual gauge track with a length of 459 metres includes a passing loop, sidings, a station and a tunnel.

Garden railway
Two circuits of Gauge 1 (45mm) and one circuit of Gauge 0 (32mm) form our garden rail system which incorporates sidings and passing loops. Live steam and track powered electric locomotives are welcome.

Rolling Stock
Only straddle type cars are used at SASMEE, there are a limited number of club owned carriages available on both systems.

Loco servicing
Hydraulic lifters for off-loading and turntables are provided for both systems

Steaming bays are provided complete with compressed air.

Rain water is available for boiler use both at the steaming bays and trackside at the stations.

Lubricants, steam and engine oil, are available.

Loco Fuel
Anthracite coal is provided, it is crushed and graded to three sizes to suit locos down to 3 Β½” gauge. Char (pyrolised Bacchus Marsh coal) is also available.

Brown coal is available for lighting up. Bring your own kindling.

Our boating lake is a popular feature of our park; please make yourself known to fellow operators.

A frequency board is provided to ensure there is no radio interference.

Generally boats in our pond move at a sedate pace – keep an eye out for the cat on a surfboard!

  • Please remember:

    Our steam engines are real, and create real sparks, soot and steam.
    You must wear fully-enclosed footwear - you might get dirty!

Running days

  • πŸš‚ May 5, 2024
    (1 week from now)

  • πŸš‚ May 18, 2024
    (3 weeks from now)

  • πŸš‚ June 2, 2024
    (1 month from now)

  • πŸš‚ June 15, 2024
    (2 months from now)

  • πŸš‚ July 7, 2024
    (2 months from now)