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Piston Ring Manufacture

Simple Combustion


Interclub event 2022.
Video and text by Davio Bryker.

January 2022 when we normally have an interclub event where visitors come to visit with their locomotives, well it was a stinker of 360 or above so for safety and the fact it wouldn’t be worth running the day was canned. Thankfully another weekend was chosen as 12th of March and thanks to others I was tasked as Official Photographer.
So I took videos on my GoPro while running Billie my tram that hadn’t ran since December 2021. Filming was of the 5” gauge track with locomotive 720 “Sweet Pea”, and Jack and Junior locomotives both running. Also paralleled it with local member of state politics Jane Stinson who was visiting our club, which was fun.
My video was great and has a very high rating on my channel. More member runs and more miniature trains from our club. If other clubs wish to contact SASMEE for me to make a video I am happy to help them.

A rare triple header at SASMEE Park.
Video by Davio Bryker.

SASMEE members Safety Valve Play night July 2022
Video by Davio Bryker.




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