Host a party at SASMEE

  • Next running day: February 6, 2022

    Gates open 1:30-4:30 | Entry $9 | Please wear fully-enclosed shoes
    The wearing of masks is mandatory for all persons over 12 years of age at SASMEE Park and in the entrance queue.
    1.5m social distancing | Trains cleaned regularly | Wash your hands

Parties are welcome at SASMEE Park – and not just for birthdays!

Please be the first in your party to arrive. Be early!
With our new COVID-safe guidelines in place, SASMEE Park opens to the public at 1:30pm, with the first train rides leaving the station as soon as people have boarded.

We have a number of tables and picnic spaces available at SASMEE Park, but are unable to reserve one for you in advance. When COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we may be able to allow party hosts into the park early, but for now, it’s first in, best-dressed.

Your guests may purchase their own tickets, but if you would prefer to offer them free entry, you must purchase tickets for your guests in advance. Make sure you distribute all tickets to your guests before arrival – we do not keep guest lists or hold tickets at the gate. Remember, tickets can be printed out, or displayed on a smartphone or other device.

  • COVID-19 Social Distancing applies to all areas of the park

    Help us to help you to stay safe! Remember 1.5 metres social distancing.
    The wearing of masks is mandatory for all persons over 12 years of age at SASMEE Park and in the entrance queue.
    Cover your cough! Wash your hands with soap & water! Use hand sanitiser!
    The COVIDSafe app is for your benefit and is recommended.

Food + Decorations:
You may bring in any food and decorations you wish (including, of course, your cake!). If you prefer, our canteen can supply drinks and snacks for visitors.

Alcohol is not permitted anywhere in SASMEE Park.

Given the open nature of our park space, a large floating balloon can be a helpful way to let your guests know which party is yours!

Party planners and entertainers are not necessary at SASMEE and the enjoyment of other attendees and the SASMEE members must not be compromised. Permission must be obtained in writing for such activities.

Please keep children under your control at ALL times.
On trains, children must be accompanied by an adult, with no more than four children per adult per ride.

Please REMOVE as much RUBBISH as possible (including all party decorations and wrapping paper). Discarded food not only makes the place look untidy, but it also attracts pests and vermin to our park. You brought it in, you take it away.

Please remember:

Our steam engines are real, and create real sparks, soot and steam.
You must wear fully-enclosed footwear – you might get dirty!

Running days

  • 🚂 February 6, 2022
    (2 weeks from now)

  • 🚂 February 19, 2022
    (4 weeks from now)

  • 🚂 March 6, 2022
    (1 month from now)